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“When you’re feeling overwhelmed and trying to hold it all together, it’s normal to not want anyone to know.”

The individual and group therapy services at Your Life Design Inc. were created with your privacy being the TOP priority! Your Life Design Inc. uses teletherapy or video counselling. This means that therapy is done through a live video connection, over the internet using a secure and encrypted technology that meets privacy regulations for health care in Canada. You can get the same type of counselling you could receive in person, it’s just done through a computer or phone! If you’ve ever used SKYPE or FaceTime, you’ve used the same type of technology teletherapy uses. All you need is a smart phone, lap-top, or a computer with a camera.

When booking you get to pick the option of either a Video or Telephone Session. On Tuesdays, I’m available “in-person” at The Recovery Studio in Summerside.

Individual Therapy

 We all need help sometimes. If you are ready to take action and change the way you've been feeling, I'm here to help you! Psychotherapy services are offered through a safe and secure teletherapy platform for your convenience. You can connect through a video or telephone call - the choice is yours! 

Help For Helpers

Help for Helpers is a therapeutic group program designed especially for those who are professional helpers. It is a 6 week program with a weekly 1 hour therapeutic online video-conference session offering information, tools, supports and strategies to increase your effectiveness at work and your overall quality of life. It also includes 5 individual sessions.

Support for International Students

The International Students Taking Flight therapeutic skills group is uniquely designed for international students studying in Canada. A transition like this can be overwhelming. The program includes six weekly, 1 hour therapeutic online video-conference sessions offering information, tools, supports and strategies for you to be successful in your transition to Canada. Included are 5 individual sessions.

 “Book YOUR free consultation today, YOU are worth it!”

Benefits of Teletherapy (Online Counselling)

  • Life is busy! So this is a time efficient option that can happen from anywhere, like business travel or while on vacation
  • There is less hassle and cost for gas, parking or transportation
  • No germs are spread, so you can still have your session even if you are sick!
  • If you live in a remote area, you have access to these specialized services
  • You don’t have to worry about meeting your colleague or neighbour in a waiting room. It’s PRIVATE!
  • If you have a chronic illness or a differing ability, you may find accessing these services more convenient
  • You can book appointments on your own, if you want to
  • You can see dates and times when a therapist is available
  • You get to decide where you have your session. Some people enjoy sessions in nature, or on their lunch break, or in the comforts of home, based on practical or emotional reasons
  • Some people find it easier to open up to a counsellor with an electronic interface (the screen can be a comforting ‘buffer’)

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