About Your Life Design Inc.

(Incorporated since 2015)



To help people gain more resiliency to move forward in their lives in a healthy way.


To provide online therapy, counselling, and training that guide and facilitate people to gain personal awareness, strategies and tools, an improved quality of life, assistance in resolution of issues and patterns of personal struggles, as well as an enhanced resiliency.

Your Life Design Values

Confidentiality. Compassion. Creativity. Competency.

Passion. Principles. Purpose. Professionalism.

Respect. Relationships. Resilency. Research-oriented.

Ethics. Empathy. Empowerment. Efficiency.

Top Notch Therapeutic Techniques. Tailor-Made Training.

Service to others. Social Justice. Self-Determination. Safety.

“Navigating Rough Waters Together”

 Message from the founder:

I wanted to design a trauma-informed, professional, safe, and convenient online counselling practice that you could feel comfortable using. The idea came from years ago while attending university in Winnipeg. I volunteered for an organization called “Teen Touch” where teenagers would call my land-line telephone, in my dorm room for help. These were the days before video technology, like smart phones and iPads!

Your Life Design Inc. was created for your convenience because it can happen from anywhere! Not only did I want to make seeking counselling easy to access, I wanted to make it private! Growing up in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada made me aware that sometimes services can be difficult to access, and privacy can be an issue. This service was designed with PRIVACY being the TOP priority.

The name Your Life Design came from my own lived experience as a helper for many years, yet not being able to truly understand what power I had to design the life I wanted. I have learned that no matter what age, stage, or situation you find yourself, it’s never too late to press reset. As a therapist, I think that it is only at the level by which you have explored your own darkness, can you meet others there.

I know from my many years as a helper that sometimes helpers need help too. I had passion to create a specific program especially for helpers which is why I created our signature Help4Helpers program. It was designed based on what I have observed, witnessed and personally experienced in my many years as a professional helper, as well as educating helpers in higher education.

Lifelong learning is also a central component of  Your Life Design Inc. which is why we offer professional training, speaking and group programs. If asked what I would like to accomplish, I’d say, “I want to create and provide services that help people live their best life with as much peace as possible.”

“Helping You Care About You” ~Jill 


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“You don’t have to go through these rough waters alone. We all need help sometimes. We’d love to work with you, if you are ready to take action. Life is really hard sometimes, and terrible things happen beyond our control that can profoundly change us for the worse, if we don’t take time to heal. Imagine letting a broken bone heal on its own…it might take a while, but you’d eventually be limping, at some point. Emotional wounds can affect us similarly.”

~ Jill Stewart 

The Online Support

Branding + Website

Stephanie created and maintains the website for Your Life Design Inc.

Find her at Summer Street Creative!

Online Platform

OnCall provides and manages an online platform that is secure and private for Your Life Design Inc.

Tech Support – 1.888.687.9288

Melanie Faye VA

Melanie’s company offers Virtual Assistant services – she coordinates the business side of YLD and keeps everyone organized!

Find her at melaniefayeva.com

Located and operated from:

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Abegweit Mi'kmaq First Nation



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