Desiree Gallant


(Pronouns: she/her)

Professional Trainer

Desiree has been working and living in the disability field for sixteen plus years, both at home and in diverse professional roles. She started her educational journey at Holland College completing a two-year diploma in Human Services earning a designation of a Community Living Worker II. She subsequenly attended the University of Prince Edward Island completing both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Education degree (designate in Inclusive Education).

Desiree is always exploring more ways to grow and learn as a professional to better assist those she helps.

Desiree’s work has predominately been on Prince Edward Island, whether that be directly in the disability field, senior care, mental health or the provincial civil service—before moving to her current position. Previous professional work experience has included case management, support to individuals of varying ages and neurodiversity, designing training and facilitation/group teaching. 

Currently Desiree is working as a PlayWise Advisor with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation/Red Shores in varying capacities (i.e., training development & implementation, direct service-facing support).

What sets Desiree apart most is her lived experience as a mother of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has learned to navigate the system and supports on the Island and within the country which has added to her ability to assist others with the utmost empathy and kindness.

When it comes to learning and training, Desiree meets each individual where they are and takes each diverse need as a learning experience to grow and evolve how she implements her practice.

Your Life Design Inc. does training with many disability organizations and is pleased to have Desiree as a trainer since she brings personal and professional experience to sessions.

Desiree is the mother of five children and lives in Prince Edward Island with her husband. 

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Prince Edward Island, Canada

Located on the ancestral, unceded, and contemporary territory of the Mi'kmaq people of Epekwitk.