Leslie Holt


(Pronouns: she/her)

Facilitator/Self-healing Practitioner

Energy Alignment Session ($85.00)


What does an Energy Alignment session include?

Leslie will show you movements and pressure points that you can do at home to support balance and resilience.

Standing up and using the arm to muscle test Leslie will help you reset your energy systems.

These tune-up sessions can reduce stress, promote calming and mental clarity, and can improve mental and physical health and vitality through self-regulation.

Leslie is also available to facilitate workshops in the areas of Personality Dimensions, Positive Psychology, and Self-Healing. 

This service is a holistic, complementary and alternative therapy and Leslie Holt’s medical opinions, advice, and recommendations do not constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician.

Emotions are energy in motion. We all experience these, but when we have stressors that are not processed or released by the body these vibrations can lodge energetically in specific areas and over time manifest as physical and emotional imbalances. Often the underlying source of why you are stuck!

By working with our subtle energies such as the chakras, meridians, aura, and neuro-conscious we can fine tune our systems to reduce and prevent imbalances through breathing, grounding, movement, and clearing techniques. It is a vital layer of health maintenance that is often untapped.

Leslie has been a wellness advocate for over twenty years empowering others to tune in to their healing potential. She holds a Master of Arts in Body-Mind Integrative Studies and Bachelor of Education in addition to a certificate in Adult Education and numerous certifications in Energy Psychology and healing modalities. Her background is working in the post-secondary environment supporting student success and has facilitated many workshops. She lives in Mermaid with her husband.

Located and operated from:

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Located on the ancestral, unceded, and contemporary territory of the Mi'kmaq people of Epekwitk.